How to read WhatsApp message without blue tick

Whatsapp message unseen review

We will explain to you in this article about a technical trick that you will be surprised about. Its method is not too difficult but very easy. If you want to read the message and that too without the blue tick but yes if you think so and if you also want to do it this way then actually you have opened the right article in this we will tell you about a part of it. If you follow our method then you will read the message in someone’s own mobile and the other person who messaged you will not even know because this is a new feature of WhatsApp that you can take advantage of in this way there is absolutely no knowledge whether the messages that have been received have been read or not.


Message Read Without blue tick

How to read WhatsApp messages without blue ticksThis is a WhatsApp trick which will help you to understand how to read WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know.This is a very useful WhatsApp trick which will help you to avoid unwanted messages and will also allow you time to think for a reply if you wish to revert on the sender’s messages.

What’s Without double tick Feature

This is a new feature of WhatsApp, its method is that if you are reading someone’s message and it is in such a way that the sender does not even know that you have read his message or not, some of it . Sometimes it also happens that you don’t have time to deal with the message that you have received , so you use it and take advantage of it. Can read but unfortunately maybe you still don’t understand how to read someone’s message without double tick because your friends ask you about the message but you explain them very well . Maybe you haven’t read their message.

You can’t imagine that an amazing application that allows you to add privacy to your chats means that you can keep the messages your friends send you a secret . By doing this, you can read incognito , so there will be no blue tick on the chat, nor will the sender know, and this application is applicable to three to four applications, among them it works on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber.

Finally! No read receipts, no double ticks and no last seen online.

You can take advantage of this when you receive a message on any of these three applications and the same message also comes to you in the (Unseen) application, but if you do not respond to these messages during your busy schedule. If you want , you can easily read the message and reply later for your convenience. Your friend who sent you the message will know when you reply back to him, the time will be marked with double marks. And the sender will know.

No offline modeĀ 

The advantage of this is that when you have this application and you have activated it, every time you get a message, you don’t have to turn off your mobile data or set flight mode . There will be no need , you can easily read the message without the other person knowing and you can easily organize these messages through messenger.

Unseen Chat bubble

Let me tell you one more advantage so that you can know more about it is that when you receive a new message , you will see a bubble on top of it that you have just received it. Haven’t seen this message , but if you don’t want to read the message through this bubble, drag it down to remove it.

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