Whatsapp Status Video & Photo Saver Method

Today we are bringing you an article in which you can steal any other guy’s status very easily but our job is to explain you about each and every part of it. Telling that is quite easy.

Whatsapp status Review

In today’s era, if we talk about whatsapp, now it is the only network used in the whole world, which is easily used by many people in the world, there are also many people who like posts and status. Also use it for contacts, if  it is about someone’s status then the status saver plays a very important role and if we understand this well then many people now a days use their statuses to give information. So you can easily copy anyone’s status and keep it with you, whether it’s a video or any photos.

Status saver is not that easy to use but after viewing a status on Whatsapp, the entire content of that post appears in the automatic status saver if you want to copy any of them in just one click. You can make it your own and download it very easily, after saving it to your file, share it or set your status, it’s very easy after that if you download someone else’s images. Can also set as your background images . All this procedure is very easy to use in this tool.

If viewed in this, the image and videos are displayed within different tabs of the application which helps you to download the content. To understand it further, it also gives you five different spaces. Which you are using in the latest version of whatsapp, one GB for original Whatsapp for whatsapp, whatsapp Business, Parallel space, Parallel lite.

Status saver plays an important role in saving anyone’s Whatsapp status, it also comes with a new tool with dark mode if  you want to use it, it has customize able features that make your experience more fun. Increases thus one gets better knowledge in it.

Whatsapp Status Copy

Couldn’t you think that these fast moving whatsapp status screenshots used to be very difficult to capture in time then it is easy to understand  and think it was quite difficult but in this era now . No need to take screenshot of someone’s status because  you can easily download someone’s status and save it in your file because you have status saver app.

With the help of this app  you can save someone’s installed status anytime without paying any price, just press the install button and never forget any important status. Don’t miss out on downloading yours.

One important thing to remember is that  if you download a video from status saver app, this data is saved  in your phone, the mechanism is that it can show inside the saved data tab.


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