How to wheel spinner earning app

Wheel Spinner Review

Today we are going to explain you this article which is a very easy way to earn this is a 4 star android application this is an application that is used to earn money wheel spin application more than five lakh people are using it and giving it very good reviews by people who are using it and it has been rated at 4.3 .

With spin wheel application you can earn unlimited money sitting at home when you do any work in it first you get points in it then your points are converted into rupees then you can easily withdraw it I many people may be wondering which method but you have to fully understand it first then you can transfer money to your account it is very easy way to earn which everyone can earn.

Spin & Earn

It is very easy way to earn points by working in it, you are given a limit on how many times you can spin it on a daily basis, you can spin any time of the day during this limit  and earn points. You can and earn from these points which one can easily do in that the number of times you spin the points will be credited to your account in coins.

Watch & Earn

If we explain this option to you , just understand that you don’t know how many videos you watch on a daily basis, but remember one thing that you don’t get anything from the videos you watch in junk. In this you are given a chance to watch eight videos of raazna and you can make a source of your income by watching these eight videos and from them you get points for each video from which you earn a lot of money. And you can watch these videos at any time within a day.

Quiz & Earn

In this option, there will be many people who don’t even know about Quiz. It will ask you to answer the questions, but they will be very simple questions and then as soon as you answer each question correctly. If you answer then you will also get points and with it your knowledge will also increase in it anyone can work who needs a good knowledge and knowledge you can work in any place in life. It can come and when you work in it,if you are told the real truth , if you work in it daily, you can earn up to five thousand points in a day. Yes, remember that this way. Never skip questions that will benefit you.

Visit & Earn

In this we will explain to you in a new way that you guys have many applications that run many ads and you guys watch a lot of videos that run many ads but in that you watch eight ads. A limit is given and the more you watch in it the more points you get so this is a source of your earning and by watching these ads you get many points and these ads are No matter how many seconds you watch , you earn.

Play Game & Earn

It gives you a chance to play games that you play many games on a daily basis and you don’t get anything from them but if you play eight games in it you get an option and when you play them. If you play any of these games, you earn and you get many points for every game you play are what you play daily and pass your time.

Refer link Earning

If you add more people through this application through your link then you should share your link in more groups so that your earning can increase more like your link. People will open account so much earning you will get 100 rupees for every friend who works on your link then share it in as many groups as you have.

Withdraw Earning

When you earn in wheel spinner, you can withdraw them very easily without any problems. You may be thinking how many points you can withdraw but when you have five hundred points, you can easily withdraw easypaisa or Jazz cash  can easily withdraw to your point cash.


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