How to make Earn Money in Reselling Network


Today we will tell you about such an application, the name of the application is the MARKAZ application, it is very easy to work ,from which you can easily earn 25 thousand 30 thousand rupees every month from the comfort of your home . Will be told about one thing that how easy and how difficult it is to work in it.

Many people work in this application but they don’t know how to earn money. But today we will tell you about each part of it. They will tell you how much it earns and how it earns and how you don’t know how to earn.

MARKAZ application is the most running wrestling application in Pakistan with this application you can easily get high quality items and which are profitable this application also allows you to get profit in repeat items center application reassures his worker that good things should be sold at low price and if you want to earn in it, you can buy things at low price and sell at high price to increase your income. Can run the source.

Earn Money Online

You can run your business in your MARKAZ app without any investment, you can connect  with most of the wholesalers and all you need is an Android phone from the comfort of your home. You can easily earn money sitting at home by following simple steps.

Markaz application

If you want to open your online store and start your business in it and earn money, you must have seen a button here from where you have to download this application. You have to download this application and keep it in your android device or android system.

Create Account in MARKAZ APP

When you download this application in your android phone you will see an account sign up option where you have to create your account if you are starting your own earning source for the first time . You have to write your phone number and you get a message from the MARKAZ application and in this message you are given a specific code of six digits, now you put your code in it, after that you confirm.

After clicking on the button, when the code is generated, after that you have to enter your name which will register you as a seller.

Markaz Catalog

The Markaz application knows exactly what the user wants to know, so the catalog includes a wide range of products, including gadgets, clothes, jewelry, and a curated collection of clothes. The list is added by Markaz  personally providing its standard catalog to its wholesaler, explaining to you that it includes more than ten thousands products, thus A selection is made from among them.

The core application is high quality products, it provides good product and ensures that any customers who buy products from you can gain and maintain their trust when you first sell your products. Once you register in Reseller , you can browse any products in it.

Products Selection

In this application you come across many products and such products that you can choose very good products it also shows you products it also shows you products it also shows you products that you can resell if you want to. So you are shown many products in the catalog and yes you can research them if you want and consider which products you like that your potential customers like once . Once you’ve identified your favourite products, share them with your customers.

Share Products

You get share button with every products you can share any products with your customer you will be given share button below every products so you can also share photos with your networks and in it. You can also share the details in your social circle including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. The Markaz also allows you to share the entire catalog with images which you can share multiple images in social circle . Will be provided.

Order Your Products

When you share any products with your customers through the Markaz  Application and if you want people to purchase anything in the Markaz Application, you can easily place an order in the Markaz Application. You will be told all the way through when you get the finished product order button you will be given a production order button which you can use to share the product in your network.

When you place an order for a product, you are then given a specific form to fill in a few reasons . These details include the desired quantity and profit. If you sell that product, you one can easily get reasonable profit in it.How do you make a profit on this product?Details of previous customers should be included if they are also included. When you guys complete your customer’s delivery address, you will need to include the business day names in it, this way you can easily add you customer to the new brand when you complete all the records. Once done, a summary is sent to you in which you can easily see all benefits and costs.

Markaz to Earn Money

You will find online selling platforms in different corners of the world so the best platform is considered to be Markaz application and if you want to earn money then register your reseller account in Markaz application today.

Markaz is a Trusted App

The application Markaz is open to all common people who want to earn money by working in it. Anyone who wants to work in it can also come and earn money in it . Sister who work in other people’s homes who are tired of doing their housework and sisters who do labor work, anyone can earn money by creating an account in it, so there are many examples of people who register in Earning my money by being very profitable.

Fast Payments

If you people join it to earn money and you earn money then your earnings are sent to your account within 48 to 72 hours you can get your money easypaisa and jazz cash . You can get it easily in your account.

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