Live Match&All Movies application

In this article we will explain to you one by one what you can see in this application.On tamasha app you can easily watch and listen to live matches , live dramas and all news with ease.In which you can enjoy and get entertainment from all popular movies, dramas , live TV channels, news and more.This app offers you a wide catalog of latest international local and regional movies from some of the best Pakistani classic dramas.

Non stop Entertainment

In this application you can get live non-stop entertainment thus many applications are brought to you in which you can’t see extensive things thus this application does not work but everything on it you live easily .You can see not only in your country but also international things. In this application trivia features are introduced to you during the big cricket matches so that you can enjoy such facilities and also win many wonderful prizes.

Live Sports

In this application you can open the live TV and if you like cricket , football ,hockey or other matches, there are many matches that you can watch without any TV or antenna by downloading this application from here . Easily watch live on mobile in this you can easily watch live on your mobile no matter what type of internet connection.In this application when you watch live match you are not given any limit to watch the match you guys can watch any match and that too can be watched unlimited.

In this application you can easily visit any live sports TV channels you want to watch through this application , it also includes sports like cricket, tennis ,wrestling, football and boxing. Also included are shows including seven days of missed news that can be watched instantly on TV channels without any hassle with complete freedom without sterility.In this you will be the first to know about live cricket matches and thus major sporting events eg(ICC,PSL) World Cup and thus cricket series being played in Pakistan.

Full Length Movies

In today ‘s era to watch movie you need to have electricity you need to be in TV but with this application you can watch full movie no shorts to show you no shortcut stuff you . You can watch full movie whatever you want this application has completely changed the previous era with this application you can do a lot if you want to.

In this you don’t need any electricity or any TV, LCD but you have to download this application from here and run it in your mobile that way you can watch anything easily.In this application you can watch not only Pakistani but also international level movies.

Live TV Channel

In it you watch live TV channels can watch any channels you are given different channel names you can watch anything on any channel. Tamasha application is an app that allows you to browse and stream content with the convenience of being on the go anytime and anywhere you can access a wide range of content if you have WiFi data. If you don’t have data , you can also access WiFi Premium packages and it allows you to watch exclusive TV channels and dramas.

Not only that you run this application but also developed it by providing you with the best user experience.If you want to access its content then it will eliminate all your worries and you can easily sign it in.

You can enjoy different dramas different movies and romantic comedies in it. Various children’s cartoons and suspense and many other entertainments are given to you in it, from which you can enjoy this kind of video easily while sitting in your home or on the go. You can watch different channels that you like and want to watch 24/7, you can watch every channel live in it.

If you want to find dramas and movies in your different languages and want an opportunity to enjoy them in your own language ,then you can find your favourite TV channels ,dramas and so on in theĀ  library. One can quickly select the movie without any hassle and watch it by following this method .

It also gives you daily rewards and gifts as you keep up your progress on daily basis watch history thus makes it easy for you to find recently watched videos.

If you are looking for an entertainment application in your mobile that allows you to enjoy all kinds of videos at home, then you do not need to look for any other application because you can get more than Tamasha application. There is no single app that can make you enjoy all kinds of videos and thus if you are looking for an application for yourself and others then definitely choose Tamasha app it is the only platform with a wide selection.

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