How to Make Money in Easypaisa

Today I will explain to you an article in which I will explain to you step by step how we can easily earn money from this application and how to earn in it and whatever in it.It will have its features. You have to read each and every word of ours with full attention and understand it well but if you don’t pay full attention then you will not understand at all. Bring forward those that you both need and benefit.

Ever since Easypaisa application came out , it has made all the transactions of sending money and receiving base easy, free and fastest that can be done through this application. Through this application, you can pay online ,send money, recharge  your balance , anyone who wants to bundle on their mobile can also do it.

Create Account in Easypaisa application

If you want to create an account on easypaisa application then it is very easy so first you need to have an account on your sim it is very important to have an account on your sim after that you can easily login to your application but you have tried . It is very important that your account is biometric verified then your limit is upgraded.

When you have your CNIC first you have to dial *786# from mobile then you will be asked for CNIC number  then you have to write your full CNIC number without dash when you send it so you will be asked the issue date of the card, so write that too without a dash and after that you are asked for the password , which you have to write twice, in this way you are given a congratulatory message that your after the account is created , you can easily use it.

New Feature in Easypaisa

If you use the Android application, you can increase your account limit by verifying your biometric account in it.You can easily create a digital account in Easypaisa Account.If you want to invest your money well then you can invest in Faisal funds using Easypaisa app.

If you want to create a Raast ID account using the Easypaisa  application, then you can also create your own Raast ID account through the Easypaisa application . This is one of the main features of this application.Make sure to use this app once to make your life easier in many ways.

Money transfer

If you are using a mobile keypad then you can transfer money by adding the *786# to the first number.After that you will be asked for mobile account bank transfer will be asked which account you can transfer money to, better way I will go ahead and tell you.

If you use the Android application and you want to send money from it, an option of money transfer will be shown in front of you, after which you will be asked whether you want to transfer money to your bank account or any other. Want to transfer money to mobile account using this application you can also send money to CNIC which is completely safe and easy.

Bill Payment

If you want to pay any of your bills using this application, you can easily pay any bill from the comfort of your home within minutes.With this application you can pay bills of different departments. For example (SNGPL, SSGC) Internet bill (PTCL, TRIBE etc) means any bill can be paid easily if you want to pay the government fee of any organization then you can pay it in a very easy way (E-CHALLAN), FBR, Mobile phone taxes etc. If any you want to pay again and you don’t have the original bill at that time then you can turn on the bill reminder without rewriting the consumer ID.

Mobile Bundles

If you use easypaisa application then you will not face any problem to activate any bundle you can activate any activate any bundle from here for example activate any bundle of telenor,zong ,ufone or any bundle for jazz if you want, you can install it from here. And if you want to install any bundle of internet, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or any other bundle , you can install it from here. If you want to add a bundle like you chat with your family and your friends or other people then you can also activate the SMS package from here.

Easy load

If you want to do easy load on any of your numbers then you can easily do easy load among them you can load on telenor number ,zong load , U phone load and jazz load.


There are many people who use easypaisa  application but they don’t know whether we can take money from here in case of emergency or not. You can also borrow money from here and if you repay the money as soon as possible , then your limit increase and you can borrow more money.

NADRA Payments

If you want to remit your fee to Nadra , you can pay using NIMS vaccination certificate or CNIC Fee EasyPaisa application.

Saving Plans

If you want to join your savings plan through this application , you are given various plans in which you can join and earn ten percent profit daily.

Bus Tickets

If you want to travel somewhere , you can get discount bus tickets from here .Among the buses that you can get tickets for are Daewoo Bilal Travels Q Connect  Skyways and its Apart form that, there are many tickets that you can get discount benefits.

Invite & earn

There are many people who use our cation but they don’t know that we can earn money with it. How to earn. You can add your friends and add as many friends as you can. They will also get money back and you will also get this way you can earn a lot.


If you want to get your insurance in case of any accident or any loss, you can get your insurance using easypaisa app and get Rs.2 per day from your account. Would be deducted and if you suffer any loss at any time then you will get a lot of income from easypaisa which can cover your loss thus your family is also safe because if you lose your If you get family insurance, you will get money for them too.

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