CDR Call logs Complete history apk

In this article we will explain to you guys whether you can get back your deleted data, if yes you guys can get back your complete call history and message details and so on. You guys can benefit a lot by using it.

Now you can easily get all your data in pdf like contact list call log all your data instantly to your email , google drive or else you can save them in drop box in any location. Keep it where you can easily find it.

Different Features:

It has many different features in front of you including Backup SMS/Backup Favourite Sms to PDF in this sense E2PDF is very easy to work with but the way this application works is very productive in which you can check all the data of your loved ones very easily.

You can easily view it and keep it with you and we understand that we will never lose it. You can either restore it again or keep it in PDF format.You just have to select the conversation in it then all the data is displayed on your screen with a detail.

If you want to have SMS backup of your friends chats while having fun and SMS of your family also get SMS backup if you have business with your partner or co-worker. You can also check the backups so you can use this application even in very difficult situations like if you are legally the user for court or legal purposes all records of SMS tracker pdf by taking a backup and so on the user can use the entire conversation later as needed.

In this you can get call log (optional dial, received, missed call, full details in backup PDF) with call log backup and restore feature, so user can also backup call log and restore it to their save and run in any other device backups are made in XML format which you can backup the call log completely and you can also bring it to your own use if you need it at any time.

In this you can get any specific contact log details i.e full backup of sms conversation chat it is usually truecaller specific contact call or sms backup. Thus truecaller gets another great advantage in that it is completely free for them with the SMS feature the user can track any contacts’s SMS or call log.

SMS Backup in PDF

This application gives you so much benefit to work that sometimes it happens that you delete your loved ones sms and later you can’t find any way to get back so you can use this application. Get back all your data in few minutes by using it is not only easy to work but also a productive application that allows you to get back any conversation sms.

After recovering all the data, you can easily keep it in PDF file and you will never lose it. First you will be shown in full screen and then you can save it to you .For fun, you can backup your friends’ conversations while you’re on the go, and you can also backup all your SMS. You can record the operation in PDF and use it later for your purposes.

Call log(missed call , dialed call, received call)

Call log backup and it has many features that you can backup your call and restore it to your other device and keep it safe with you. While in this you can easily read and if you use PDF  then you can use PDF to backup missed call , dialed call and received call or complete call.

You can and you can use it whenever you want. Any data that is your specific data and you want to keep it with you, you can easily keep it in PDF format.Specific  data of your loved ones that are deleted by you if you have a chat that is deleted by you, you can easily save it to PDF with this application.Through this application user can easily track any contact’s call or sms or log call.

Statistics Call

You can easily track the number of calls you make on a daily basis through this application.The number of missed calls, dialed calls and rejected calls that you don’t know about on a daily basis , this application gives you all the information about all such calls.


With it you are sent daily messages you send daily messages you don’t know the number of a message you don’t know its time then this application will give you all sms details.


Now you can backup your contacts with all custom features including your contact name, contact number and Email address. Through this application you can get so much benefit that many numbers are saved in your mobile which are deleted by you and you deleted them then you can easily back them up. You can save it in PDF. By following these steps you can also easily backup contacts and save them in PDF format.

Select the settings for the contact numbers you want to keep and save them by importing them into a PDF. You can easily email the files you get out through the output, share them on whatsapp and share them with any other personal data directly. You can also save your data to Google Drive or dropbox.

E2PDF is an application that provides you with data but completely free of charge. This is an application that provides you with SMS that you delete and you get them in backup which is absolutely free.

This application tells you every single thing in a different way than how you can get it in PDF means you don’t have any application that gives you everything . You get the entire data back and that too for free .E2PF allows you to retrieve many other SMS and they can also be traced easily.

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