Daily Status Earn Money Review

Do you know that we can earn by posting status ever so in this whole article of this application I will explain to you how earning by posting status and what is the reality and when .And after how much time you can withdraw money from it, today we will explain in one step about the Daily Status Earn app , how easy it is to earn from it.

Daily Status   Account

In this application many people are doubting how we can create our account on it and for that what material we need to create account so here is an easy way to create account. I am sharing with you that you can easily create your account , first of all you have to create a Gmail account.

You have to download the Daily Status Earn app from here, after that you have to click on the three dots on the left side and click on the login option, it will show you two method is with direct Gmail .

An account will be created by connecting and the second one can be created by connecting to Facebook and creating an account by clicking on what you find convenient.

Earning review in Daily Status 

Thus, today I am telling you a way of earning, how easily you can earn money , how easy it is to earn money in Daily Status Earn app , then you can easily send your videos and pictures in it and in this way, you can also earn by easily wing other people’s pictures and liking them, and in this way, you also see that the ads of pictures and videos are running , so you earn from them and you can see your video.

You can’t upload daily, but one day is reserved for it , which is Sunday, on that day you can upload any of your pictures or videos, after  that you earn by watching other people’s videos and earn on the rest of the days. They  watch your video.Ads will also run, you can increase and reduce these these ads.

I will tell you one way ro do this so you have to stay with me so that you don’t have any problem in doing this and you will also be told how much you earn for the picture you upload in it. You must allow your storage and let me tell you one thing that you get a reference code and it you share it further , you get one hundred points and that too by collecting it in your account .

If you have 1000 points then it becomes one dollar and you can easily withdraw when you reach ten dollars and with that one important thing is to have one post and one follower. You should share and upload photos and watch videos it you do so.

So you get 4,4 rupees from them and if you see and share the photo, you get three rupees from them, you can easily earn by keeping all these methods in your mind.

Let us tell you another way of earning that you will go and click on three dots and you will get an option under the setting of reduce ads. If you have to go to reduce and click on it, then the ads will run more and the more ads run, the more earning will be.

Withdraw Money

You can easily withdraw your earnings in many accounts and thus people all over the world can use Daily Status Earn app to withdraw their money from your PayPal , PhonePe, Paytm etc. Thus living in many countries.

Other accounts can also be used and when you withdraw  your money, this money reaches your account within 24 hours and thus millions of people are earning money from Daily Status app and this is absolutely true and you too from today. Start your own on it and earn more money.

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