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Wow app is such an app from which you can earn through chat how can running which you are this money easypaisa and jazzcash.This app is best online earning in Pakistan.Wow app is the online earning proof.

investment. First you will create your account on wow.When you invite your friends to this you earning get any more.When you create your account,attach it to your Google account and then you type your name and tell yourself whether you are a male or a female.

When you create your account on it, you will see the five option show. In the first option name Do Good does it mean you want to donate money to some company or your want to someone else who or want to give to a poor family.

The second option earning in this is that it comes from your earning video, whether your earning has come from chat, is it not yours, has it come from inviting friends and where do you want to keep the paste and want to transfer the bank account.It comes in the earning option, how much have you run the play games, are you playing the game.How much cashback have you taken in running option.

When the third option comes in this ,your chatting with your friends by chatting and this time how much money earning you have with your friends.In chat option you can make your new new friends and chat with very good friends.The rest you guys do if you have any friends on chat ,you can send them a picture, you can voice message them ,you can call them live, talk to them on video, then you have earn money.

The option that comes on the fourth number is the leader board, which is your friend’s ad in the leader board, it is told that in the leader board it was also told that how much earn you fired from each friend. I was telling so much in the leader board that what country is the friend to you are talking to where does he live.Mean in which country does he live.

After this the next option comes, how much chatter did you get  about what you shared by doing cashback, how much money did you get from Ali Baba , how much cashback did you get traveling , when you pave the way for something, then its cashback how much did you get.

The very good thing about this is that this is a Pakistani app and it runs very high and you do not have to face any kind of problem in withdrawing money. This application is messenger type. If you go to the instant option then you have kept 15 second  video comes after 30 minutes then you will get 15 seconds video of 15 seconds if you watch all that video then money  will come in your account.

In that you invite your friends through messenger Gmail invite and invite in any way then you have earning any more if your friends share your link more and more and that too you will keep earning.It means you get 10% or 20% earning , who friends open your link or share more and more. Share this app with as many friends as possible and this is a flaw with which you can earn a lot.

You create your account by attaching it to Gmail, then your own number is confirmed and you add your picture from your gallery.

At the bottom you will find the option to withdraw money from which you can deposit your money by transferring money to any account you want to withdraw money.

One of the great things about this app is that you can shop more than that and when you shop online you get even more earn than you.The most lucrative way to do this is to invite friends so that when you add your friends to it, you will get more earning. Whether you do your job or not. Ultimate earning  will come from your friends.One of the great things about it is that when you coins hundred rules you get  a one dollar.

If you watch videos in it, play games, do any other work , then you will not get more earning than invites from anywhere.But it  is not that it is fake, it is real and it is really gives money app if you put a little work in it.In this, the leader board keeps out how much earning the friends you have invite are doing. If you want to stay up to date with all the news in the world , there is also the option that you are kept up to date with all the world news.

It has all the big companies in the world. You  can also shop from them and get discounts from them as we do our shopping.It has a game option. If you go to the game option , one option is the game that is going to the top level and it is being played by a lot of people.This game is going to the top and the rating on it is very high and it is being played by four million people. If you use this game on a computer , you also get paid for using the computer.

From this app you can also load on you can also load on your number go to these instant option go to mobile credit to load on your number if Pakistani then +92 will come if you are India then go to +91 and enter your number.

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