How to Hack data from Top 9 WhatsApp

Chat Status is an app that, if you use it positively, will be great benefit to you once it is used properly.In this article we will tell you with an explanation that we can talk to a good friend of ours whom we love very much whether he is a boy or a girl and he does not talk to you .If so, how can you see all the details through it?

In it you will export all your friend’s chats if you like, you can export with media if you want, if you want to do without media, you can do without media and they send all the details to your number. Will have to delete it with its whats app ID and you can easily view it in your mobile.

This application was created by an Englishman and it was invented on March 3,2021 which is getting very good ratings and people from all over the world are using it and to this day all its result are being original show.

This application is not difficult to run ,even if a simple person tries, he can easily check someone’s data from it, because it does not require you to create an account with it and attach it. There is a simple task that you have to download it, so you can export it and bring it in and check its details.

With this application you can easily check all the statistics of whats app chat without any internet connection . You don’t need any ads in it. You can get everything for free. You don’t have to connect to any kind of device or internet because with it we can start working without asking anyone. We will export the chat status in the app which will bring all the details before us so we don’t need to be connected to any internet device.

When you export someone’s data , this application shows you statistical data along with bar graphs after analyzing the exported data. Here are some examples of each chat which are given below:

It gives you details of all the messages

All the words are shown to you

Letters from each user are displayed to you

You are shown an average of each message

You are shown all the media files of each user

Every user’s emojis are shown to you

All of these user links are shown to you

The message is brought to you every day of the week

And there are a lot of other things that bring you all the details that are shown to you in the whats app chat status.

When you pick up data from another user, you have a page that tells you about each item, while the details that appear on the page in front of you, if you use it for your own convenience. If you want to keep the pass safe, you can keep it safe and if you want to send it to another place,you can send it further.

Whats app status does not require anyone’s permission to operate all chat statistics. We can do this alone without any analysis , without any internet device. Exporting data is very easy.

How to get all the whats app statistics of anyone with whats app status complete method of any statistics which is given to you below:

First, open the whats app

Open group chat

Tap all the chats you want to export, then the three dots that appear on the right.

Click the export chat option

Then it depends on you whether you want to export to media file or not

Then select the chat you want to expert

Another option:We can easily analyze a file that is exported to another text file. Just select this file in another file manager and then open it with chat status. If you want the chat to be analyzed chat is analyzed during a full chat or between two dates then all you have to do is select the option and analyze it by date.

Chat status allows you to instantly view full chat and find chat content. With the search messages option,  you can quickly find messages that contain all text, from any date or any be of the user.

There are many functions in chat status besides statistic preparation, concept and quick search of chats:

If you open a chat with a phone number, this option takes you to a contact list and allows you to open a new whats app chat without receiving.

Open your private chat to take notes this option allows you to open a new whats app with your phone number a chat is created with a single user without using any data use it as a notebook images using video audio. All of these chats that we send messages for created chats take us to Whats app status without access to chat statistics.

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