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It is very easy to make money .Let me tell you about one thing , how to make money in this app and you can see the rating of this app very much. You can try this app yourself to see how much you earn.The first thing you need to do is sign in with Google Account as soon as you open it.

When you create your account on it. You select one of these options to many open in front of you choose one of them from which you want to earn a lot.In this you can use 2 3 4 How to earning which one you want  to earn.

After this you will have a new interface in front of you .

Now we talk about the ways in which you can earn from one thing. In this way earning money is very easy. There will be a magic show in front of you.  You can earn money by bringing people you like and see their magic.

After that, many levels of games are open in front of you, which you can earn a lot by playing. As you play each level, you get  a lesson for each level. Each level has one point to play.It earns free. You guys can make money listings to music. For every piece of music you get 6 zero.

After that you will go to booster and earn money by going to this booster in which you will be given different offers. In it you also get round options which include different videos and you earn coins by watching these videos.When  you watch the whole videos. When you watch the whole video you complete the round.If you listen to any mp3 song,you will earn money from it.

But in startup, its speed is slow and going forward, its speed becomes faster.If you use a mobile charger , you still earn . If  you talk to someone on a call, you still earn. As your mobile gets locked, so does earning. You can earn money by doing simple things.

First your coins are formed,then the dollar changes.You can easily remove them. Once you’ve got the rules on mobile off,you can take it again after two hours. Then you get a point. When you get a point, you get a message from the congratulations.

When you listen to music you get 8 points for each of music. If you listen to 1 minute of music, you get 8 points. If you listen to 2 minutes, you get 16 points. If you listen to 3 minutes, you get 24 points.

This is how your points will increase .You can also deal with a lot of companies. The companies from which you can get money can tell you what PayPal is. You can also withdraw money from Bitcoin. This means you can withdraw money in any way.

And yet there are many ways that you can make a lot of money and you can withdraw at least 250 coins and from here you can also buy PUB G UCP. And from here you can buy free fire diamonds and also you can buy any other game that you know well and you can play it right.

In addition to all these things you can buy a lot more in it which means you can also buy a watch or Bitcoin. You can deal with any of these companies and they also have surveys. You can also make money from them.Completing a surveys is not a difficult task.

It is a small task and it is completed very quickly and you can earn a lot  of money from it and it should be completed whenever you come in the survey.

If you listen to music ,your survey is complete . If you watch video, your survey is complete. If you play games, your survey is complete.

That way, you can earn a lot of money. And you get extra points for playing  the game. If you send a link  to ten friends, you can earn 250$ per day, so add as many friends as possible.

Here are some tips to help you get started. In them you will find Amazon, you will find

PUB G  and you will find many different things from which you can earn and extract.

In Amazon you get direct money and you can also shop from Amazon and with it you can order many things that you would like to order from the comfort of your own home.

In the same way you can convert your earnings into your Bitcoin while continuing and with this app you can also get a lot of discounts while shopping. You can also transfer your money to PayPal and then transfer it to another account.

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